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Are you looking to grow your team?

Our holistic approach helps you to optimise growth end to end. Discover what is slowing your growth, develop your team, attract new talent and scale your business. 

Growth is not just about Recruitment!

While recruiting new staff brings its own set of challenges, recruitment drives alone will not ensure an organisation's growth. Successful growth is tied partly to effective recruitment but this cannot succeed without also optimising planning, utilisation, process, onboarding, engagement and ultimately retention. 

Effective strategies to scale your organisation

Achieving consistent and sustainable growth requires strategic leadership development, cohesive teams and a balanced strategy.

We can help you to create and execute an effective growth strategy that will optimise employee utilisation and improve retention while attracting and developing talent across the business to achieve your goals. 

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Our Industry Focus 

We work with SME’s and larger organisations who are looking to grow strategically and need more than just a recruiter to achieve their business goals. 


We have experience working with a range of businesses and institutions across multiple industry sectors but can demonstrate a strong track record in IT / Technology, Research and Innovation, Critical Infrastructure, Utilities and Media.  

Our Expertise









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Rebecca is the connecting force for ambitious organisations and professionals who want to move forward. We challenge ourselves and each other to initiate change.

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Current Vacancies
"I had the pleasure to work with DVG Search. I was very impressed by their knowledge of the cyber security field, and their ability to map skill, qualifications, and experience to relevant job vacancies. My account manager created an atmosphere of trust, and acted as a very professional agent. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

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