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Recruitment Experts 

Information Security, Cyber Security

Cryptography, DLT (Blockchain) 

NoSQL and Big Data

Rising to recruitment challenges in Cyber Security

Our core focus is to work with organisations to attract, retain, and develop niche talent to help them understand, exploit, and protect their data landscape. Our capability spans the full breadth of data-related roles but with a particular focus on Information and IT Security.

Are you struggling to find industry experts or niche technical specialists?

We have the tools, network and experience to help you fill these challenging positions. DVG Search has specific industry experience in the Information and IT Security sector. We are able to utilise our in-depth knowledge, expertise and extensive network to provide a successful recruitment service, even for the most challenging of roles.


Whether you are looking for security expertise or the next step in your own career. We understand that confidentiality and discretion can be of the utmost importance. So our recruitment processes are specifically designed with this in mind.

If you would like a confidential conversation to find out more please contact

Our Expertise
Our industry focus
  • Information Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Cryptography

  • Distributed Ledger Technologies

  • Big Data and Data Science

  • NoSQL and related technologies

We work cross-industry however, we have a particularly strong track record and expertise working with Security Vendors, Security Service Providers and organisations, who are considered as National Critical Infrastructure.

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